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Disaster Preparedness and Climate Change Adaptation

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: Oxfam
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: District: Nilphamari, Upazila: Dimla, Union: West Chatnai, East Chatnai, Khogakhoribari, Tepakhoribari & Khalisa Chapani.


Pollisree is a local Non-Governmental organization was established in February 1987 implementing various socio-economic activities for development of poor and oppressed people. In these circumstances Pollisrre decided to work on leadership development of women with development of socio-economy, reducr gender discrimination, proper utilization of local resources, stop violence against women especially domestic violence and to claim facilities and services from service provider institutions and hasten process of women access into various government-non government structures at 05 unions under Nilphamari district of Northern part of Bangladesh. Overall will contribute for women empowerment, keep role to prevent violence against women especially domestic violence and overall will keep particular role to increase standard of livelihood development. In the light of experience of Organization different initiatives has been taken to stop violence against women. Because it is not possible to implement to reduce gender discrimination, prevent violence against women and women leadership development etc. Because of those for equal rights of male and female and women empowerment project is working to develop a social movement and sensitize the whole population for system of transparent and good governance, leadership development to ensure sustainable development, increase organizational capacity, women’s socio economic development. It is our belief that through the implementation of the project it will be sustain as a good initiative at working areas.