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Pollisree (it is Bengali Word, meaning Rural Beauty) is a local Non-Governmental organization was established in February 1987. Since the inception it has a very clear vision to empower oppressed and destitute women who living in the society but at the beginning stage the approach was to provide services but gradually it has shifted to right base approach. In light of this practical realization Pollisree begun to organize the distressed women and through survey identified their practical and strategic needs.


The organization starts its second phase from the July 1993. At this stage total activities and services provided during 1990 were evaluated. Pollisree undertook task of formulating new plans on the basis of the evaluation. Second phase in organizing the land-less rural poor through the groups got the way.


Evolution of Pollisree at a Glance



Changes taking place


  • Introduction of Handicraft (Embroidery) & tailoring training by VGD Program.
  • Registered with Social Welfare No. Dinaj 340/1987
  • Affiliated with Family Planning No. Po/Po/Di-14
  • Indorse membership of ADAB.


  • Opening of Family planning Activities.
  • Provided Training Support to the Cooperative society for Rajshahi and Khulna Divisions.


  • Organizing the rural distressed people.
  • Starting Family Planning activities by GOB.


  • Transformation of Family Planning in MCH and FP activities and expansion of working area, increase of worker funded by ODA/BPHC.
  • Starting micro-credit as small wise at the local target people by own fund.


  • Received fund from CAA for institutional building program.
  • Start of education program,
  • Purchase of land for own building of the organization
  • Pay fixed up for all workers of the organization
  • Increased acceptability of the organization for providing relief and rehabilitation support to the flood victim during the flood of 1991.
  • Affiliated with NGO Affairs Bureau : No. 469/1991


  • Expansion of education activities & introduction mass education.
  • Received grant fund for building construction from BftW and PROSIKA.


  • Starting of second phase program on completion of the evaluation of MCH, FP and CDP project. Funding for MCH & FP project was channeled directly instead of local NGO, SPP.
  • Agreement with PKSF to provide us fund as a micro-credit program
  • A forestation program was taken up and all program of Pollisree were re-modeled
  • Installation total sanitation at existing area.
  • Registered with Women Affairs No. Dinaj 16/1993.


  • Task for formulating different guidelines for the organization were taken up and which the “worker management manual” was completed ant it was introduced in the organization.
  • Attempts were initiated to strengthening monitoring system and initiative to strengthen the training centre of the organization.


  • Start & finishing of the construction work of the building of the organization and steps to sustainability on way ahead.
  • Received fund for first floor construction of main building from British high commission.


  • End of the set time frame of the second phase of activities of the organization and starting of implementation of the 3rd phase in accordance with the recommendations of evaluation reports.
  • Establishing gender and training cell for upgrading the standard of the program.
  • Formulation of guideline, manuals and the strategic plan were accomplished.
  • BftW start to promote as a co donor fund for institution building program.


  • Pollisree was taken the ‘Gender Concept’ as an important issue of development and formed Gender Cell within the organization to look after on this issue also prepared a draft policy on Gender.
  • Pollisree was funded by PKSF to reduce poverty within the organizational working area and start to RMC program
  • Provide  skill training to DWA based organization by IFADEF -01
  • Purchase land for Training Center-02 at Amtoli, Chirirbandar.


  • Agriculture Program has been launched as per demand of poor and marginal farmers.
  • Flood hit the whole country and Pollisree organized a massive relief and emergency rehabilitation program.
  • Working area of Pollisree was divided in 5 sub- areas and set up 5 Unit offices with necessary staff.
  • Taking training on promoting agriculture sector by MCC
  • Develop a network against oppression of women (NAOW) with 30 NGO’s


  • Construction of Pollisree Training Centre-2 at Amtoli, Chirirbandar.
  • Micro-Enterprise Development project was launched for creating employment opportunities for the landless day labors.
  • Develop another network POWER


  • Extension of working area at Nababganj, Kaharol and Ghoraghat upazila
  • Expansion of health program
  • Launching of monitoring cell and staff provident fund.


  • Exclusive program was initiated on Ending Violence Against Women with the support of Oxfam GB.
  • Strengthen the initiatives to combat women and child trafficking by CWCS
  • Joint program taken with the Directorate of Women Affairs (EC fund) on Food Security of the VGD cardholders at the rural area.
  • Specialized Agriculture program taken with the support of CARE


  • Specialized program taken for development of Urban Poor with the support of CARE-Bangladesh
  • The whole program reviewed and a 5 years Strategic Plan developed


  • In this moment total 11-project office is running having with 185 full time staff


  • Ending violence against women program taken up.
  • Manusher Jonno Foundation (one of the DFID fund project) committed to support to Ending Violence against Women program.
  • Adolescent reproductive health program taken up.
  • HIV/AIDS prevention project taken up by UNICEF
  • Lunching “We Can” Campaign by OXFAM- GB


  • Working with Indigenous peoples by OXFAM- GB
  • Change Maker formation.
  • Alliance builds up to other district
  • Reviewed gender policy.
  • Provide awareness program for Adolescent by BCCP


  • Networking with another organization for “We Can” Campaign.
  • Review organizational polices (Financial & Management).
  • Start to work with ultra poor program by the funded of PKSF
  • To Construct own unit office at Komolpur under Dinajpur district.


  • Expand working area in another District
  • Start to work with seasonal loan program by the funded of PKSF
  • Work with different stakeholder especially poorest of the poor.


  • Expand working area in another District on VAW and DV ( WE CAN ) funded by Oxfam-Novib
  • Increase trade of Income and Employment through PKSF
  • Start to work to primary stage on poor women economical leadership


  • Start to work with Dalit community to empower
  • Preparation to develop Strategy Planning for 2010 -2015
  • Organization system review by ACNABIN


  • Expand livelihood program for indigenous community (AMADER) funded by NETZ-Bangladesh
  • Start VGD program funded by Government of Bangladesh ( W&C ministry)
  • Start Climate change adaptation project in Nilphamari funded by Oxfam GB
  • Develop organizational strategy planning for five years (2010-2015) with five direction


  • Celebrate 25 years ceremony of organization established.
  • Additional asset transfer to the adolescent for increasing their earning to maintain educational expense funded by Manusher Jonno Foundation.
  • Start new technology transfer project for indigenous community (STEP-UP) funded by European Union
  • Start project on develop sustainable women entrepreneur funded by World Bank.
  • Formed new executive committee of Pollisree for next three years.
  • Review staff management policy and finance policy


  • Start project on livelihood option of trans gender community funded by Oxfam
  • Review the guideline of Food bank and Ideal village
  • Start project on FSTP for sustainable livelihood funded by Oxfam


  • Start project on political leadership for develop active citizen funded by Oxfam
  • Expand LHDP for increase women leadership at Dinajpur and Dimla
  • Formed new executive committee of Pollisree for next two years.


  • Start new project on married adolescent girls (IMAGE) at Nilphamari
  • Expand POWEP program at Birgonj and Fulbari upazila
  • Review organizational strategic plan (2010-2015)


  • Start new project on urban development with resilient community at Rangpur City corporation
  • Expand Asset transfer project with the fund of BMZ after successfully completion of EU funded


  • Start a new project on strengthening CSO funded by EU and supported by NETZ
  • Start a new project on Unpaid care work with two likes minded partner at Rangpur (SEED) and Jamalpur (Gono Chetona )
  • Start a new project on ensuring safety-net EVPRA to real beneficiaries which funded by EU and supported by World Vision
  • Start a project on Political awareness increase among the adolescent and mass people which is funded by Oxfam


  • Start a new project on Creating space to take action on violence against women & Girls funded by Oxfam
  • Start ongoing project named REE-CALL -2021
  • Quick response on unwanted flood at Dinajpur.


  • Quick response on Flood
  • Start rehabilitation program with 2000 family after flood through the different support from our donor like – NETZ, OXFAM, Sajeda foundation, DFID.
  • Support blanket to the 6000 needy family
  • Support 6000 family in different ways after flood with rehabilitation work.
  • Start a new project on Livelihood named DABI funded by NETZ


  • Start a new project on Climate Change named REAP funded by NETZ at Nilphamari district.
  • Start a new project on Ensure rights of marginalized named PROSPECT funded by NETZ at Rangpur.
  • Start a new project to reduce VAWG, funded by MJF at Nilphamari district.


  • Finished successfully Initiative Married Adolescent Empowerment Project
  • Strategy planning start for 2020-2025
  • Provide support to beneficiaries on Covid-19 situations.
  • Experience gathered on Covid-19
  • Provide food, cash and other support to the villager at 03 districts.
  • Review and develop policies which are appropriate for the organization.
  • Finished safety-net related EVPRA project which was funded by World Vision.


  • Start a new project to capacity building on SRHR (Nuffic) funded by Terre Des Hommes-Netherlands
  • Start a new project named PORIBESH funded by NETZ at Dinajpur and Nilphamari district on Climate resilience


  • Start a new project named Bring Back funded by MJF to ensure girls adolescent to enroll high school and stop drop out.
  • Organization run different types of health and nutrition related program in working area like static clinic, satellite clinic, health camp, health check-up by specialist physician, SRHR issues, family planning, Trained up doctors, nurse and family planning department staff for smooth health service provide to the community.
  • Established good relation with government health department on different service towards community like – ANC, PNC, and Institutional safe delivery and SRHR issues for adolescent, early married girls and community.


  • Ongoing above issues


Goal: To improve socio-economic, cultural and political status of under privileged, landless and diverse section of society.



a)               Uphold socio-political, cultural economic rights & entitlement.

b)               Access to services, opportunities & control over resources.

c)               Strengthen people, community institutions & ensure linkages.

d)               Ending gender discrimination, violence against women and injustice against diverse community.  

e)               Enhance individual and social capacity and skill and linking with income and employment opportunity.


Mission of Pollisree:-

To become an enabler of the people, particularly women and the youth, in their endeavor to become vocal, rights-demanding, and users of their resources for sustainable well-being.


Vision of Pollisree :-

To support the poor, particularly women, youth, disadvantaged groups, and ethnic minorities, attain sustainable wellbeing and realize economic, social and gender equality.





Pro-poor, gender sensitive, resource-sensitive, mutually respectful, tolerant towards diversity, accountable, innovative, pro-environment and sustainable.


Pollisree is working with whom:


Pollisree mainly working with distressed poor & the landless. Characteristically Primary partners are those possesses land measuring under 2 bights, monthly income is less than Tk. 1000/- and who lead their livelihood on sale of labors at least for 200 days a year. These partners are unable to identify their problems in one hand. Those who are unaware about the common laws, and are fully unconscious of their right and deprived from their basis rights belongs to this category in organization. Pollisree puts more emphasis on the divorced & distressed women as their porters.


Secondly, pregnant and eligible couple of 18-49 years of age is the 2nd types of program partners of Pollisree. In the 3rd category, there are the children from 0-6 years of age group and the malnourished children. School & college students, dropouts and the children of 8-12 years age group deprived of the right of education are in the next category. Basically, they are the primary partners of Pollisree who are the central & focal point of Pollisree’s activities and all plans of Pollisree are based on the demand of these partners.


For gender concept disseminating purpose Pollisree is working with civil society, school students, Community Based Organization (CBO) and Cultural Organizations, Trade Unions, Professional Groups, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), Local Elected Bodies (elected Union Council Chairmen and members specially female members).


In the case of NGOs services are rendered through massive dissemination of information co-operation, issue-based discussion, co-ordination meeting, exchanging ideas and views as are in requirements. Congenial working relationship and co-operation as discussion & support are maintained with various other organizations and when required.


The students are the cores of future leadership as such, Pollisree feels it appropriate that if they can be made aware of the prevailing situation, problems of the society it will be easier to solve those deep rooted problems through them. So, these groups, alongside acquiring theoretical education can be of massive utilization in development process once included as program partner list as Pollisree meanwhile starts thinking.


The youths, professional groups will be directly or indirectly interested to take active part in the progressive theme of the society if they are included in various development activities. That is why, what Pollisree thinks appropriate is, Civil Society can be added as the program partners for successful implementation of the programs.


Approach of work:


Pollisree has a participatory management process and ensuring the participation of community from Planning, to Evaluation, Strategy of Program Implementation is target group approach, but to enhance the democracy practice organization has to work with whole community through community and social approach. There for Pollisree implements their program as Target Group Approach and Community Based Approach. Pollisree also working with Government and Local Government agencies.


Decision Making Process of Pollisree:

The decision making process have some structured procedure which done periodically through organizing meeting at different level.


General Committee: Consist of 21 members, meet once a year, have authority to approve, yearly budget, and plan of activities and review the past activities, performance and audit report. Every 2 year EC is being formed through Annual General Meeting of General Committee.


Executive Committee: Consist of 07 members and meet often (at least bi-monthly). All major decision regarding approval of expenditure statement, appointment of auditor and other program related issues.


Sl. Name of the EC Members Sex Address


Taslima Begum


Upashahar, Dinajpur


Teacher (rt:) & Social Worker


Khurshida Begum


Eidgah Bosti, Sadar, Dinajpur

Vice- Chairperson

Professor (rt:)


Josna Begum





Social Worker


Subash Peter Theutoneous


Kashba, Dinajpur


Social Worker


Umme Kulsum


Sardarpara, Dinajpur


Social Worker


Nasima Begum Reba


Rajbari Dinajpur


Social Worker


Laksmi Kanto Roy


Abdulpur, Chirirbondor, Dinajpur


Social Worker



Staff Meetings: According to the program needs staffs are meeting weekly, monthly and half-yearly. In the staff meeting, review the progress of work and find solution of the identified problems.


The process of decision-making allows both the staff and management to assess the program and management critically and performance of personnel.


Understanding of Pollisree on Gender:


Pollisree’s perception is clear that is not a women issue. its is fact of human biology but Gender does not mean that in normal sense the word Gender mean masculine or feminine, which also represent sexual difference of man and woman. But the society constructs the social rules, norms and attitude as well as role and activities on the basis of biological differentiation between men and women and this define as gender role and identities.

Pollisree believes that it is the issue of role and relation of both men and women and women situation in society. Pollisree acknowledges the sexual division of labor, the productive and reproductive work of both and focuses on the relationship and interaction between the personal, household, community, economic and political spheres. The imbalance gender situation is created by the society and this difference is not natural so that is can be reduces by improving the understanding and knowledge. Pollisree is trying to addresses the Gender as to fulfill the strategic needs along with practical needs of women.


To considering the situation, Pollisree pay a special attention to encouraging the conditions under which women can explore themselves and build up their confidence and power to change their lives.


Important Information:


01.       Name of the Organization :           Pollisree – PLS 


02.       Contact Person :           Shamim Ara Begum, Executive Director 


03.       Postal Address of Pollisree,

Telephone &Email :          

 House # 606, Road # 3/E

Pollisree Road

Uttar Balubari




Tel: +88 01511334466

E-mail: pollisree@yahoo.com


04.       Contact Address of Pollisree

At Dhaka :         

 House # 37, Flat 6/A

Block – C, Road - 04

Mirpur -13




05.       Date of Establishment :           February 04, 1987

06.       Legal Status of Pollisree  :          

  • Registered with Social Welfare :           No. Dinaj 340/1987                 Date:01-04-1987
  • Affiliated with NGO Affairs Bureau :           No. 469/1991                          Date: 18-05-1991
  • Registered with Women Affairs :           No. Dinaj 16/1993                   Date: 03-08-1993
  • Micro Credit Regulatory Authority :           No. 01572-00660-00313         Date: 29-07-2008
  • Tax Identification Number :           No. 691164616578 
  • VAT registration number :           No. 005106205-1006
  • EUAID / PADOR ID :           BD – 2009-AQJ- 2803660121
  • Last AGM held :           Date: 12-12-2022 



07.       Membership with :

            Local and National membership of ADAB :From 1987

Founder member of NDC : From 1992

Founder member of Jogasutra : From 1997

Founder and Convener of NAOW : From 1998

Membership with HASAB    : From 1998 

Founder and Convener of POWER : From 1999

Member WE CAN campaign : From 2004

       Member of Amar Odhikar campaig : From 2004

       Member of ECNET : From 2008

Bangladesh Shishu Odhikar forum                         :From 2012

Member of Conflict transformation platform : From 2017

Member of BWHP : From 2018



08.       General Committee   : Total Member 21 (Female: 16, Male:05)


09.       Executive Committee: Total Member 07 (Female: 05, Male: 02)


10.       Networking with        : 06 NGOs


11.      Working area              : Total District : 3, Total Upazila : 22, Total Union: 179, Villages: 2725 ,  

                                                   Municipality 13 and People- 250900



12.         Project/Unit Offices                  :         Total 25 offices


13.         Number of Staff                        :         261 (Female -107 & Male -154)


14.         Number of senior staffs           :         Total: 17


15.       Major Program of Pollisree

  • Women Empowerment, Gender & Governance
  • Economic Empowerment, Livelihood & Food Security
  • Disaster Preparedness and Climate Change Adaptation
  • Organizational development and Capacity Building
  • Credit  & Enterprise










Since inception Pollisree work with the agencies



  • Bangladesh Government
  • World Food Program – WFP
  • Bangladesh Rural Development Board-BRDB
  • Red Crescent Society
  • Oxfam-Community Aid Abroad-CAA Australia
  • Oxfam-Hong Kong
  • Bread For The World - BftW, Germany
  • Canadian CIDA-Fund
  • DFID-Bangladesh
  • BPHC – Dhaka
  • NGO Forum for Safe Drinking Water & Sanitation
  • CWCS – (European Commission Fund)
  • Department of Women Affairs- (EC fund for Women Training Centre)
  • IFDEP-1
  • Department of Non-Formal Education



  • CARE-Bangladesh
  • CARE- (Shabji & Shahar Project)
  • BRAC
  • Oxfam-GB
  • MCC-Bangladesh Program
  • PKSF-Govt. Fund for the Micro Credit
  • Adarsha Gram Project-Govt. Fund
  • Manusher Jonno Foundation
  • BCCP- Bangladesh Centre for Communication Program.
  • Oxfam – Novib
  • Department of Women Affairs- VGD
  • NETZ Bangladesh
  • European Union
  • World Bank
  • World Vision Bangladesh
  • World Vision - UK
  • IDB
  • Terre Des Hommes-Netherlands




Organization received technical and financial support with above donor in short-term, long-term and pilot based project and still some of project run by the above donors which are as follows:

17.  Ongoing Program / Projects:

Economic Empowerment, Livelihood & Food Security

Name of the Project (s)

Major Focus

Working area


Project Duration

Project cost for running fiscal year

Promoting opportunities for women empowerment (POWEP)

Building people’s organizations & increase livelihood

Upazila: Sadar, Birgonj, & Bochagonj Upazilas of Dinajpur district and Sadar, Domar & Dimla Upazila under Nilphamari

Bread for the World- Germany

July 2023-June 2026

4,07,00,000/- BDT

Women Empowerment, Gender & Governance

BWHP Bangladesh Women Humanitarian Platform Country Wide Oxfam in Bangladesh May 2023 to April 2024 22,20,000/- BDT

WE-CAN Campaign

Reduce domestic violence

Dinajpur, Rangpur, Takurgoan, Panchagar Joypurhat, Naogaon and Nilphamari District

Pollisree Own fund & partially WE-CAN Secretariat 

On going


 Disaster Preparedness and Climate Change Adaptation

Strengthening the Resilience of the Poorest Population to the Impact of climate Change in Bangladesh (PORIBESH)

Eradication of Extreme poverty and hunger through create  resilience community on Climate Change

Domar & Dimla Upazila under Nilphamari and Birol & Kaharol upazila under Dinajpur district

NETZ Bangladesh

November 2021 to December 2024

11,27,26,113/- BDT

 Organizational Development and Capacity Building

Run the Training Center

Training Cell

Capacity Building of mass people & Staff of Pollisree and other Organization

Dinajpur, Rangpur, Takurgoan, Panchagar Joypurhat, Naogaon and Nilphamari District

Pollisree Own fund



Credit & Enterprise

Name of the Project (s)

Major Focus

Working area


Project Duration

Project cost

Credit & Income Generating Project 

Economic Empowerment of Women, Skill development and Women Entrepreneur

Sadar, Chirirbandar, Kaharol, Birol, Parbotipur, Fulbari Upazila under  Dinajpur district

PKSF & Pollisree own fund


82,14,59,965/- BDT

Enhancing Resources and Increasing Capacities of Poor Households Towards Elimination of their Poverty (ENRICH)

Improve education, health and nutrition of target community

Farakkabad and Rajarampur union under Birol upazial of Dinajpur district


July 2023 – June 2024

92,82,005/- BDT


18.     Organizational Policies in Practice

  • Human Resource Policy.
  • Finance Policy
  • Gender Policy. 
  • Child Protection Policy
  • Safeguard policy
  • Disable Policy
  • Contingency Plan
  • It Policy
  • Anti-corruption policy
  • Staff welfare fund policy
  • Procurement policy
  • Vehicle policy
  • Contributory PF & Gratuity Policy for Credit program



Audit & Finance:



July – June is the financial year 2021 - 2022 audits were conducted by Mabs & J partners Co. Total numbers of bank accounts are 54, and operated in the different scheduled banks properly. The financial year budget for the period 2022 - 2023 is BDT 152,28,20,943/-




Organization and Program Evaluated so far

First evaluation was conducted on June 1993 by Dr. Kabir Uddin

Second time Dr. Faruque Ahmed, Dr.Sahin Sultana and Mr.Amin Rahman conducted second evaluation on August 1995.

Third time Ms. Tahera Yasmin (RPM Oxfam-GB) and Ms. Ferdousi Sultana (Canadian Resource Team) held third Evaluation on September 1996.

Fourth one was organized in April 1999 by Mr. Achintya Kumar and Shanaj Parvin of Development Service Link.

Fifth one in 2002, conducted by Oxfam GB and Development Services Link.

Last one in 2008, conducted by PRIP Trust.

Organization system review by ACNABIN in 2009


Organization done its strategic planning in every 5 Years, in last 2010 strategic planning done by the External firm where the six new major direction came out which were mention above programme table.

Research on economic empowerment at Dinajpur region by GMark consultancy – Dhaka. 2011

Evaluation by Prof: Md Nasiruddin- Jahangir Nagar University & Advocate Farida Yesmin,

Supreme court, Dhaka, Bangladesh on women empowerment -2014

Evaluation by G-Mark consultancy – Dhaka on Domestic violence and Violence against women  through Social Intervention: Women Empowerment and Leadership project-2014

Organization review / evaluation by OXFAM in Bangladesh – 2017

Final Evaluation of Advancement of Marginalized and Deprived of Economic Resources- 2015

Strategic planning for 2020-2025 by NRT.

Research on IT involve with women economic empowerment by MONASH University Australia, Dhaka University and Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science & Technology University.





Strength and Weakness of PLS





Have good relation and reputation within the working area as well as within the NGO development area.

Build trust among the community and staff also.        

Skilled, Participatory and Transparent Management System

Committed and trained staff team from field to management level 

Developed own assets and Income generation sources for self reliance

Developed a relation and networking with the government and other non-governmental service providers.

Community involvement from Planning to Evaluation of all projects.

Self managed training centre and Gender Cell to fulfill own & others needs.

Necessary policy documents already being development.



Limited issue based resources in training team

Dependency towards donors





Pollisree's perception is clear that gender is not women's issue. Pollisree considers the role and relationship of both men and women in society and acknowledges the sexual division of labor, the productive and reproductive work of both and focuses on the relationship and interaction between the personal, household, community, economic and political spheres. So, Pollisree is taking Gender as cross cutting issue in development process and address the practical strategic needs along with the condition and position of women in the social, political, economical and cultural aspects. The Gender Program also focusing on the raising trend on violence against women issues. To reduce VAW, Pollisree has been monitoring the state intervention (Police Stations, Court and Medico-legal process). To work on Gender development exclusively Pollisree has formed a Gender Cell and a information cell within the organization with the participation of civil society and target group member. The Gender Cell is trying to mobilize different professional groups, civil society, youth clubs, and education institution and disseminating gender concept and development inertia. 


Through this program Pollisree is trying to prevent the incident of women exploitation, oppression, injustice and taking prompt action at any kinds of violence against women. This program is also creating awareness against women and children trafficking. Through changing traditional socialization process from family to state level and include this into their practice and believe for ensuring the dignity of women at family and different stage.


In 2004 Pollisree start WE CAN campaign to reduce domestic violence and gender discrimination and ensure the rights of women and try to raise their voice against violence especially domestic violence. From 2010 organization make it mainstreaming to reduce domestic violence and run this campaign through existing all the project intervention and make 07 strong district alliances in Dinajpur, Nilphamary, Rangpur, Thakurgaon, Panchagargh, Joypurhat and Naogaon district. At present 157798 number change maker developed by the organization in the working area.






Through this program organization ensure the food security and fundamental rights of the target community. Pollisree strongly believes that, for sustainable development people have to have their own organization and according this program has been developed. This program includes the following activities which are (a) Formation of primary groups of landless and poor / distressed people especially women (b) Formation Union, Upazila and District level Development Committee. Each primary groups comprising an average membership of 15-30 and at least 3-5 groups in each village/ward. Groups are selecting their leaders in a democratic manner. At the age of one year of primary each group, started to form a 09 member committee of Union Social Development committee with the participation of all primary group members, Upazila Development committee also forms in the same way. The leaders are getting conceptual and management training to run their organization smoothly.

Through this program more then 5000 indigenous family especially poorest of the poor involved them to change their traditional livelihood and strengthening sustainable modern agriculture within their community. To ensure their rights all stake of the indigenous community people united them and able to claim and raise their voice against violence of human rights.

Awareness program running for the adolescents both for boys, girls and trans gender on the issues like reproductive health, gender, social responsibilities and STD, HIV/AIDS etc.





Disaster and climate change adaptation program run at the working area for educated and raising awareness among the target community. Especially in the Dimla, Nilphamari char area, program develops some CBO to adapt climate change and prepare pre & post disaster response. Program provide technical support to the CBO’s for take necessary action to increase their productivity and develop skill for making entrepreneur especially through women and established market linkage to get proper price of their production and collect inputs for their livelihood. At present entire North Bengal are hampered by climate change effects

Regarding this program women are involve them into different IGA through received proper skill training and link them with private sector to add value of their product, link them in value chain process and make them self entrepreneur. In the disaster prone area women are increasing their capacity to adapt climate change with their livelihood.

To make resilience urban community for reduce man made & natural disaster. In the target area families are increasing their capacity to adapt climate change with their livelihood. Build up capacity of local government and strong linkage established among the different service providing agencies. 


Credit  & Enterprise :

The objective of the program is to develop empowerment especially women economic development, Women will develop them as entrepreneur and control over their business and asset and established frequent market linkage. Poverty is increasing in the societies alarmingly. Growths of Population are high and have no employment opportunities at village or urban level. The pressure on resources of land and water together with unemployment are creating an uncontrolled situation. Political instability and insecure society makes the situation worse. In these regards Pollisree trying address the situation by taking number of activities which are (a) Savings scheme for group member,(b) Development of enterprise,(c) Provide micro credit for agriculture, livestock, rickshaw , van, fisheries, homestead gardening, small trade, some untraditional work etc.(d) Marketing outlet for the small enterprise production (e) Reduce dependency of local money lender. (f) Utilize information, education and skill for develop small trade and market management


To initiate the income generating activities, Pollisree is providing all sorts of technical assistance and support. Savings is weekly collected and according to the group decision it is deposited to the group accounts or central account of saving maintain by group leaders and Pollisree Official. These efforts have been created near about 7000 employment or self-employment opportunities.


  • Total loan outstanding up to April, 2023          ---   64,93,86,837/-
  • Total savings outstanding up to April, 2023          ---   20,38,38,063/-


Status of Primary Groups at present:


No. of Village

No. of Groups

Total group members















Meetings are regularly held in the primary groups. During the previous year on an average 45 weekly meetings were held in each group, which was more than 99%.

With a vision to make 5000 women entrepreneur at the working area at present program develop 2200 women entrepreneur through providing skill training and money back up support, along with these try to ensure their rights through provide awareness and knowledge based training. 




Banasree Mitra Neogi

Director Program

Manusher Jonno Foundation

Plot-3&4, Avenue-3, Rupnagar Housing Estate,

Haji Road (Shialbari Dhal), Mirpur-2, Dhaka 1216, Bangladesh

Tel: 01819385638

E-mail- banasree@manusher.org 



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