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Economic Empowerment, Livelihood & Food Security

  • Types of Program
: Right Base Approach
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  • Donor
: European Union
  • Program Aim
: To strengthen organizational capacity and sustainability of targeted local indigenous CSOs.
  • Program Budget
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  • Program Area
: Dinajpur Sadar, Phulbari& Dinajpur


The project is intended to empower indigenous Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Local Authorities (LAs) and communities to promote most vulnerable peoples' social development through access to Social Safety Net Programs (SSNPs). Local government department has their set up at union, Upazila, district and central level. However  Disaster& relief department, Social welfare, Women Affair and other relevant department don’t  have their setup at union but they work through the local government body (Union Council) in the rural area. So the accountability of those organizations and scope of participation of the vulnerable peoples' are very much important for social safety net programs. Pollisree is a local organization and have permanent existence in the working area beyond the project. For that reason, we have strong connectivity with local authorities which help the project to build linkage between the target group and duty bearers. Pollisree has strong relation with the union and different government offices. Apart from that we have very good relation with the local government bodies and local media. The acceptance of the organization to the local people, government official, local government, civil society and other stakeholders is very high and that is why we are the perfect organization to implement such kind of rights based project. The staff are getting advantage of the relationship in implementing the project activities.